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Jezebel Exposed

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Jezebel lived long before time 

She has Centuries of Experience

She knows her way around & how the human mind thinks.

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Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

The Wicked Witch is Back.

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We know that Jezebel is very evil. Though I highly doubt that many people understand to the degree that she will go in order to get her way. Destroying families and churches is just the beginning. Jezebel will tear your life apart with all the demonic spirits that she employs. 


In my book, Jezebel Exposed I cover in detail those spirits they are her characteristics. She is devious and very skilled.

Now having said all that God is still on the throne and all that she is, is no match for the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. 

Everyday Occurrences

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Every day we are up against Jezebel and all her dark spirits, but mostly we have not known what they were. So I am pleased to give you another FREE gift of the 8 most common character traits of Jezebel. And how to recognize them. You can see how manipulation is right in there. 

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 Coaching & Consulting

If it is your business then we can discuss the issues in your business and how to tell if Jezebel spirit is in operation. Are you having issues like these?

  1. Reduced productivity, efficiency, and profitability

  2. higher absenteeism, sick time and employee turnover

  3. decreased morale and loyalty

  4. increased costs due to recruitment and retraining

  5. increased workers' comp claims

  6. indirect costs through time spent dealing with bullying situations

  7. negative effects on the company's image

  8. potential fines for not abiding with occupational health and safety laws

  9. legal costs from employees who bring lawsuits, 

  10. potential increases to insurance and workers' comp premiums.

I can discuss with you any of the traits of Jezebel and they look like in people you have contact with. I am not a trained therapist but I do have personal experience with this spirit.

Emotional Manipulation

Here is a compiled list of eleven things that you might experience when you are in the presence of someone using emotional manipulation. 

Have you ever had someone that when you got in their presence you felt drained and exhausted and really quit valuing life? Gaslighting your conversations, accusing you of doing things they are doing?

Well, emotional manipulation is really not a laughing matter.

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No laughing matter.

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