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Jezebel Exposed

Destroy the Jezebel Spirit before she consumes your family, church, and workplace.
By Marie Moyers
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This is what readers are saying:

"Great read! Eye Opener, very informative!"  ~Mitch M~

"First of all, I appreciate all of the historical backgrounds of Jezebel and her tactics, as she was a real person. "~Debbie~

"This is a short but powerful read. Marie weaves history and scripture into a fascinating portrayal of the Jezebel's in our mist. ~Ali~

" Marie tackles a difficult subject and does it very well. If you have sat in church for any length of time, you probably have dealt with the issues revealed in this book even if you didn't realize it. She makes the difficult simple so anyone can read it, and she uses plenty of biblical support. I highly recommend this book." ~Chris~


* Discover the ways Jezebel spirit operates against you.

* Get equipped with tools to handle her.

* Digital copy includes a special  20 Question quiz to help you identify the traits.

* Marie will walk you through her personal experiences with Jezebel and motivate you by her victory.

* And so much more.

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Jezebel - She is wicked.

The spirit of Jezebel has risen to power in our culture and infiltrated the Church, the workplace, and the family.


Her witchcraft has wreaked mass spiritual carnage through fear, manipulation, intimidation, and domination carried out by those who come under her influence —even those in leadership.


Her wickedness has wounded, hurt and scarred countless believers, leaving them fearful, depressed, defeated, sick, and confused.


Many of these believers have walked away from the church and God and anyone who represents God.

Others have stayed in the church but became callous and build a wall around their heart. 


Jezebels got a new fight now. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, He has shown me information she has hidden for years.


This information is in this Book. It will give you the tools to free yourself.

It should be understood that this in no way gives anyone a license to rebel against pastors or church leaders they encounter. Those who find themselves unable to trust, obey, or submit to church leaders would be wise to understand that the spirit of Jezebel has already begun to influence them. I encourage you, prayerfully and humbly ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, give you a submissive heart, and minister to you as you continue reading.

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