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Marie Moyers



Jezebel is a demonic spirit that runs rampant in our world today. She scared Elijah so bad he ran off in the desert leaving his servants in the city and hid under a tree wanting to die.

Many people today run from Jezebel in the same way.

We need to equip the body of Christ with knowledge and understanding of who she is how to spot her workings. 

I have personal first-hand experience dealing with Jezebel.

I am the #1 Best Selling Author of Jezebel Exposed which brings out all her secrets.

This course is built off the Jezebel Exposed book.

The information is in the course is expanded

and addtional over and above the book.

Get Equipped to Set People Free

You’ll learn:

  • The Realities of Jezebel Strongholds

  • Can a Christian Have a Jezebel Spirit?

  • How Does Jezebel Operate in a Christian?

  • Signs People Have a Jezebel Spirit

  • Self-Evaluation

  • Getting the Jezebel Out of Your House

  • Breaking Generational Curses

  • Deliverance Ministry Protocols

  • Keeping Free from the Effects of the Jezebel spirit


       And much much more.

Here is what the people are saying about the book the course is based from:

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"Even though this was not a new topic to me, I found this book Jezebel Exposed by Ms. Moyers to be both practical and easy to read book. The author simplifies a very complex topic. The Jezebel spirit is neither male nor female and it has many faces and traits. Teenagers, Adults, Churchgoers, Christians, and Non-Christians will learn to recognize the behaviors of this high-ranking agent in Satan’s kingdom in the church and in the workplace. Everyone must learn how to protect themselves from becoming ensnared and to discern when this spirit is active. There are plenty of helpful examples and Scriptures to support this study. The topic is also very timely because in these last days before the return of Jesus the Messiah, the Elijah spirit is arising and it’s nemesis Jezebel is also becoming more and more exposed in societies. I read through in one sitting and have already recommended this book to other Christians."

Jeanie Jacks
Chris Hepner
Chris hepner.jpg

"Marie tackles a difficult subject and does it very well. If you have sat in church for any length of time, you probably have dealt with the issues revealed in this book even if you didn't realize it. She makes the difficult simple so anyone can read it, and she uses plenty of biblical support. I highly recommend this book."


"This book is very informative and should be read by believers and non-believers. As the Jezebel spirit can be found outside of the church, it should also be shared with those in the corporate world. It exposes the Jezebel spirit and instructs on how to get rid of that spirit. Very good read."

Juanita Williams
Debbie B.jpg
Debbie Bedson

"First of all, I appreciate all of the historical backgrounds of Jezebel and her tactics, as she was a real person. It laid a great foundation on which Marie built beautifully on. I also appreciate how she emphasized the importance of having ourselves strong in our walk with Jesus, not only to recognize but to respond biblically to the evil. Satan is very cunning and can so easily draw us in if we are not standing strong on the Word of God."

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Access to Your Warfare Group

Free Access to the 20 Questions to ask to Determine in Jezebel is in Your Family, Church, or Workplace

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8 Main

Characteristics of Jezebel

Eleven In Your Face Signs of Emotional Manipulation

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Marie is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author in 8 categories. Her book has sold in 11 countries. 

She grew up as an only child of a farmer in the central part of British Columbia, Canada. Now living in Louisiana with my husband and two cats.


She became a Christian in 1977 and started out in a denomination church with very strict rules regarding what was wrong. They never recognized the spiritual realm as real, teaching her that if she would leave the devil alone he would leave her alone.

She has battled with the dark spirit world in her workplace for the last 20 yrs. Learning skills from the word of God and applying them to her daily walk through the marketplace she grew in her knowledge and ability to navigate the spirit realm.

Marie has dedicated her life to serving God and seeking only His heart. She helps those that are called to the ministry become spiritually equipped, and have divine spiritual victories without compromise.


Also working with Christian businesses who suffer from having dominating, controlling person in their leadership that results in high turn over, increased absenteeism and many other issues. She helps identify the problem, secure an answer, and execute the solution.


Limited Time

Standard Compact Course


  • Jezebel Exposed eBook Download

  • Course Access to 8 modules

  • 1 - Coaching Call


Bonus Package 


  • Jezebel Exposed eBook Download

  • Course Access to 8 modules

  • *Special Report (not included in the book)*

  • Facebook Community Page


3 - 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching calls

valued at $900

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