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Damaging Thorns

Things the Lord taught me today in Holy Spirit College.

There is a weed, vine, thing growing in my backyard that is strong, deeply rooted and has these long stiff thorns that I am sure have barbs on the ends. There are long thin tentacles type growths that shoot off the sides of this plant and search for something to attach and anchor itself to. Not only that but the stalk of it is so strong you are not going to break it without the use of a sharp instrument like cutting shears.

I am clearing around some trees and this one in particular had bring dead branches that had broken off and fallen to the ground up against the tree trunk last spring.

Today I went back there with the shears in hand and attempted to clear away the tree branches. That wild vine, yah it is growing up and around those branches. I was searching for the root of these evil

plants and when I found it “snip”.

The tentacles they have ahold of *everything* and I discovered that even though the root was cut I could not pull any of these big branches away cause they were all connected.

The Holy Spirit was explaining to me how sin is like this in our lives. It starts way back in deep and roots itself, spreading out with its tentacles into different areas of our lives. Sin is invasive and digs deep. It takes root where God wants to plant something beautiful.

Sin latches onto whatever it can reach and chokes the life out of it.

I am reminded of that scripture that says Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

When God asks us in His gentle, soaked with Love, way if we would like healing in that area, He is inviting us into relationship with Him on a level we have yet to encounter.

Just like the tree branch that was tangled in the thorny weed, our lives, heart, and emotions get caught and wrapped up in the effects of sin in our lives.

Even if we jump right down and tackle the root we are still not able to pull the sin out of our lives since it is entangled into so many areas.

Sin isn’t always obvious, murder, lying, adultery but what we consider “smaller” and not so bad. That little “white” lie that isn’t hurting anyone but we think of as “sparing someones feelings”.

Sin is sin. We don’t like to think of it that way but it is.

Healing is our focus here.

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