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Fear is a Bully

Fear stares you down like a Big Thirsty Cat.

Bullying and fear disempowerment, control, distrust, paranoia, hypervigilance, hyperalertness, verbal abuse, complex PTSD

Bullies use Fear.

Their goal is to keep you thinking you don't have what it takes to meet the goal, or even the next steps.

The Bully want to talk you into a state of pure weakness and to keep you right where you are.

It's natural to feel fearful when a bully is undermining and disempowering you daily by whittling away at your self-confidence and self-esteem. Constant trivial nitpicking criticism sows the seeds of self-doubt which eventually take root and sprout into full-blown fear. Bullies co-opt others into isolating you, bad-mouthing you, ignoring you and distancing themselves from you.

Bullying, in the form of constant verbal abuse, creates uncertainty and attacks objectivity resulting in destabilisation (which is often misinterpreted as "unstable"). In the initial stages fear manifests as distrust, and if the source of the fear is not addressed, the distrust builds into what most people call paranoia.

When this is a symptom of cumulative psychiatric injury, the correct term is hypervigilance or hyperalertness. In a bullying situation the level of fear is so high that one is on constant alert for danger.

The fear the bully speaks to you says ... "You can't do it ... It is bigger than you." It tells you, "There is nothing in you that can help you get more out of your job that what you have."

But the TRUTH says that God Himself is Jehovah Jireh, your Provider.

1. Refuse the temptation for revenge

2. Search out advice from other courageous believers

You can overcome this and experience an exceptional breakthrough.

I have a blog post called, "Tips for Success with your Bully" it has steps to take that are bible based.

Click this link to take you there.

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