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Feeling hurt and rage after engaging with your Jezebel?


At first, you are confused about why this person insists on treating you like this. After all, they were so sweet and kind and just like that they changed. We assume that they are reasonable down deep inside. But that is gone in them. The enemy has taken over in his influence and control. Instead, what you have are mind games.

How the spirit works on and through the person.

They Will Start Playing Major Mind Games

The one thing I have noticed about this spirit is that it is very good at playing mind games and head games with people.

It will know where your weak spots and jugular veins are at, and the attacks will always be targeted at your weak spots in the perfect timing so it can start to weaken and demoralize you and bringing your self-worth down.

It will come after your levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. It will come after your calling for the Lord.

It will come after your specific personality traits, both good and bad, to see if they can convince you that you are a nobody and that you will never amount to anything good and worthwhile in this life. Getting you to second guess yourself.

It will try and make you think you are the crazy one and that they are the ones who have all of the knowledge and wisdom.

They will try and make you feel inferior so they can gain the upper hand in the relationship and that you then need to be totally guided by them and dependent upon them.

Before you know it, this kind of spirit can throw you into a depression, along with causing major confusion and indecisiveness. You will feel disoriented and feel like you are caught up in a fog.

After and during this process it is not uncommon for the victim to feel hurt, and even rage against the one with the Jezebel spirit.

Jezebel is one mean spirit to deal with. If you want more information on gaining victory over this spirit I have written a book on her called Jezebel Exposed.You can purchase is from Amazon by clicking here.

If you want more information you can contact me at

marie moyers

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