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In Pursuit of Happiness

I was alone with God this morning and i had asked Him for direction for 2019. after some time of just sitting in worship in his presence He spoke to my heart saying Pursue, press, and prosper. I looked those words up and studied each one. In doing so the Lord revealed more to me about His meaning for those descriptive words. Application for me as to how to apply them in the year coming.

God is caring about your and your life and every little detail of your life.

This brought up questions. Do we play a part in those promises that God speaks to us coming to pass? Can we work against them happening for us? What happens when we do? How can we work beside God to see the promise happening?

I think we all want to believe that it is just as easy as sitting back and living our lives from day to day and saying "Ok God it is up to you, do your thing. You know where to find me". Not that i am saying we have to do works, but i believe that we do play a part in living our lives the way he wants us to be.

An active healthy life with God is relationship with Him. Daily.

1. Stay in close relationship with Him.

Spend time with God. Try just sitting and waiting on Him. Just love on Him. Quiet your spirit before God and let him minister to you.

2. Staying submitted to God

Give over ownership of your life to Him daily, welcome Him in to do his will in your life. He has such great things for you.

3. Attitude of repentance.

When you're wrong you're wrong. And admitting that wrong to God asking for his forgiveness. We must stay humble before God.

4. Being obedient when he asks us to do something.

Scripture says that obedience is better to him than sacrifice. 1 Samuel 15:22. God wants what'

s best for you and you need to do as he says to have the best. Just like parents tell their children don't drink Drano cause it will hurt you. It is for their safety, God aso tells us to do or not do things for our safety. But we seem to think that we can pick and choose what we want to do. I know that never would have flown in my home. !

In pursuit of Happiness

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