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Prayer Always Trumps Panic

The implications of God’s promises are enormous. Once you know you’ve heard from God, you can proceed with absolute confidence, even if you can’t see how things will work out.

God always stands by His word. He has never yet failed to fulfill His word, and he does not intend to fail in your life.

So, when God shows you what He is about to do where you are, you can step out in obedience, assured that the Lord will accomplish His purpose.

When you are a child of God and you are leaning on Him you are on Plan A there is no back up plan B. You did not make a wrong turn and have to go back and fix it.

Stand up in confidence and pray, pray out loud declare the things that God has told you, speak them into the universe, change the atmosphere by your words. It builds your faith.

Gods got this. :)

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