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Rejections Sting.

Raw and Real look at rejection.

Here recently there was a week that I had one friend a day for 6 days in a row, reject me because of who I was.

This was hard and I found myself feeling desperate and grasping onto just crumbs more with each rejection.

When the last person said Goodbye it was a close personal friend and when she told me the words stung not because of what she was saying but because i had been sharing my pain with her unyet she too was harboring rejection feelings about me.

Yah, maybe I confided in her more than I did with anyone else. I trusted her and let her into my heart. There was information that she didn't have and if she did she would not have come to the same conclusions.

Assumptions are dangerous .... why because they are arrogant and presumptuous. Many people are hurt and some never recover.

I have asked myself am I reaping what I have sown? Did I do this to others? It has me looking at how I have dealt with this type of conflict with people in the past and how I am going to deal with it in the future.

What is the answer? well .... I really don't know..

God can heal all things and he could heal this too. It requires trust. I can trust God easier than humans.

Trusting humans is a risk and they are going to let you down. But throwing away the relationship is that the answer? I know it has been my answer before. Now I am here and I have been thrown away. I guess my usefulness no longer outweighs my faults.

ok so am i just whining here, no its not meant to be that.

I don't share personal things about me .... because people reject me, but I am putting this out there anyhow.

If you have gone through a rejection that has hurt and want to share it please do. I kinda like to know that I am not just the only one.

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