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Samaritan woman

Updated: Sep 26, 2022


She had been passed from man to man, her heart had no space or care for another man’s words.

A Samaritan, a woman, an outcast. She was unimportant and uncared for. Rejected by all, to the point of seeking water in the heat of the day.

I can just feel Jesus compassion in that moment as His gaze rested on her. He had gone out of His way, purposefully seeking her out. He wanted to draw near to her.

He had turned his mission intentionally to arrive at the right moment of connection with this one woman. She was precious to Him. When no one else cared anything for her, He did.

She may have always seen herself through the eyes of others. Inferior and rejected, unworthy outcast. She dressed herself every day in their opinions; unaware of how to dress any other way. It was all she had ever known in her life.

But then there was the WELL . Just that one look into His eyes, she encountered a love she had never known before. His words undid the condemnation that had kept her captive for years.

Her garment changed from one of an outcast to a sparkling white robe of glory in the Saviours eyes.

It no longer mattered what limits others had put on her. It no longer mattered the hateful things they spewed at her and how they looked down upon her. He loved her when no one else did and that was all that mattered.

Jesus is calling to the outcasts right now in this moment, “Come to the well one more time” He is coming for those of you that have been rejected, abandoned, despised, overlooked.

He is coming for those broken, wounded and feel like you are lost in a dark abyss. You are the one that He wants to draw near

too right now.


His heart is for you, It burns with love over you. He sings a song over you, one of victory and restoration.

He has seen your pain and felt your sorrow. He too was despised and rejected (Isaiah 53:3). He was betrayed by one that He counted as a friend (John 13:18-35).

He understands that weariness, he feels your pain, he is wiping those tears from your eyes.

You are the reason He has come. I want you to see yourself through His eyes and not the eyes of others around you. See the love and undying passion in His eyes for you, feel how precious you are to Him.

You are as a gem in the hands of the Fa

ther! No one can snatch you from his hands! He would not only turn aside for you and change his entire course in the middle of the day just to find you, but He also willingly hung on a cross for you.

Let His love be the loudest voice in your life. It will drown out everything else coming at you!

Come to the well and wait for Him to draw near in this season. His presence will never disappoint you. You will find the love, comfort, and freedom you have been longing for. You will find that overflow for the void in your heart.

The woman at the well was transformed by her encounter with Jesus and it compelled her. She went from a silent outcast to a po

werful preacher.

The label of outcast has silenced you and made you shrink back in fear, you have lost that confidence you once had.

Jesus is about to do something in your life that is going to restore your voice! He created you to proclaim, to declare, to speak His truth into the lives around you.

Don’t let the enemy silence you, be bold and be brave. I declare the muzzle be removed from your mouth, release the sound of Heaven. Your words are containers of power!

( Isaiah 61:7 (NIV), ‘instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance.

And so, you will inherit a double po

sition in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.’ He is bringing you to a place of honor.

I hear the Spirit say that your seasons of barrenness and hiddenness are over, that time of brokenness is over, that time of covering yourself up in what people think of you is over, that season of outcast is over. You are a son and daughter of the Most High God!

It is time to ‘Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.’ (Isaiah 60:1 NIV)

Hezekiah’s Wall


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