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My Jezebel would get me frustrated and then she had the upper hand.

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I wanted to be in full armour when i had to face my Jezebel.

Almost every time I had to go up against a Jezebel spirit I wanted to wear a full-face helmet cause I knew this was going to hurt. LOL

I think the biggest challenge for me was to not let her paint me into a corner. She would get into my emotions and when that happens then she is in control. You have just lost. But there will be another battle another day because she is going to come at you again.

Notice I said *let* because it was a choice. When i was close to God I knew what i was suppose to do and say but when I would get into her presence and I would *let* my emotions get in the way it was game over for me.

Getting past myself and my own fears was a big challenge too. Working for a boss with Jezebel had me scared every day. It was an unexplained fear. There was no reason for me to be that scared. I was working at a job that I loved, doing what I loved, but there was this terror that would overcome me completely.

I spent way to much time crying in the bathroom. Crying out to God, soaking in his presence before going back up to face the rest of my day. I was listening to God's music every chance I got with my earbuds. It was all I could do to keep going. On my the little time off I had spent it with the Lord getting a deeper and deeper relationship with Him. I felt that it was the only place my spirit could find oxygen.

I made it through this dark time and later would learn that it was Jezebel that I was encountering. This intense assault on my life by her was just another way she had targeting me for my whole life.

I made it through and I would love to share with you the tools God gave me to contend with Jezebel.

You can find more information on this subject here in my latest book Jezebel Exposed on Amazon.

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