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So obvious, you can't miss this.

Jesus is the answer..... yah yah yah.... I know you have heard it all before and you're thinking blah blah blah.

But what if He was the answer? What if you just never really invested yourself? I mean really ... praying for 1.2 min today tomorrow and maybe 3 days later is not going to be enough.

What if you approached it differently. What if you had more information.

I recently had a friend who lives thousands of miles away do a facebook live about an experience she had with listening to God.

She was reading the word of God and He spoke to her a simple instruction, she began ro resist because logically speaking it didn't make sense. God repeated himself, she repeater herself, then she took a drink of her cooled off coffee and spilled the whole cup down the front of her. LOL I know right.

So she gets up and changes while she is cleaning up the Lord repeats himself, and she concedes to obey, once she does that they the Lord tells her the next step, when she obeys that she gets the next step, she is obeying and protesting the ridiculousness of this all the while.

She ends up meeting and talking with 2 people who have information that is vital to her the growth of her business.

All of this is strung together so delicately with a thread almost invisible to the human eye.

At one point she almost went off course, but she didn't.

God is there and he is speaking. I know that it's easy for us to get too busy and miss His voice.

For those of you looking for a intellectually stimulating bible study i suggest you listening to Table Talk by Light Bearers.

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