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You grab the person by the scruff of their neck and tell them they have a Jezebel spirit now what?

If you are lucky they won't knock your lights out. But you know that is not the way you should approach someone with a Jezebel spirit. So what is the way to talk to them about this topic?

Well, really you can't.

There Must Be a Willing Heart and Soul and Real Repentance

If we are certain that what we are dealing with is a Jezebel spirit in a person, we can bind and cast it out if the person is willing to fully repent. You can ask them, “Do you want to be free from this spirit, now and for the rest of your life?” Jesus said that Jezebel (a person with a Jezebel spirit) must repent (Revelation 2:20-23).

The person must hunger and thirst for righteousness and hate the sins to which he or she has been enslaved. Just as Jesus cursed the fig tree at the root, we must first deal with the root of the problem in order to have full and lasting success. What is the root problem in the case of one with the Jezebel spirit? The root of the problem is in the person who needs to be delivered.

I know right.

This person is filled with pride and there is no talking with them about this. I mean think about it, you gather up the courage to go talk to them is it really going to end any differently than it has any other time?

Jezebels have a proud and haughty spirit. This is actually a demon who empowers a Jezebel person and deals in heavy-duty pride. (Proverbs 21:24) If you get “under their ministry,” they will caution you not to visit other churches or to listen much to parachurch ministries.

If you obey a Jezebel, she will put you in a spiritual jail where you are in bondage to her and kept apart from other ministries that you really need. This would surely stunt your growth.

Also, a Jezebel likes to infer that she and those who follow her understand the Scriptures in a superior way. A pastor who became a Jezebel announced to his church, “I don’t know of anywhere in the world where there is a ministry that is teaching all the good things that we are.”

Only those who are spiritually blinded by pride will continue to sit under such a ministry.

Well then, what can we do for this person?

Pray for them. You can not force them to change regardless of who they are or who you are. Any way that you can think of to manipulate, lie, convince them that they need help will only be accomplished through the operation of witchcraft.

This can only be accomplished through the Holy Spirits divine intervention.

The good news is God, our great God, can be with you and show you and teach you ways to avoid becoming a victim of Jezebel. It is real. The help is real. And it is available to you today.

If you want more information on how to get help dealing with someone who is operating through the Jezebel spirit contact me.

Some of the content here was taken from my book Jezebel Exposed. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Marie Moyers

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