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Gathering information to hurt you.

Now remember we are talking about the Evil Spirits that are sent out on assignment to hurt you.

There are spirits that sequester information on you.. Gathering it in order to control you. We will refer to these spirits here as the "Jezebel spirit" for easier reference.

Jezebel loves control and information provides her with control.

If there is ever a situation where information is important, she will push to be the “first” to know it. She seems to know everything about everyone.

Where she gets all his information is beyond comprehension, but she can dictate to you data and details about people’s lives and actions in mass quantities.

This information she will use against you in the future. Maybe it will be to get you to do something she wants done that you don't want to do or maybe it will be to keep you from doing something that will harm her.

Information gathered by Jezebel that later she will use to her advantage

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