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Print Edition now available.

It is finally here. The printed version of Jezebel Exposed. It has been long waited for.

This is what you can expect to find in this book:

Learn what the Spirit of Jezebel is doing today in your family. Don't let it be a surprise to you when she wipes out your ministry. In this book, you will understand the driving forces behind Jezebel, and how she functions in the world affecting your life today.

You will learn:

  1. What her real name and how to use it

  2. How it can destroy you

  3. How she is working right under your nose to destroy your family, church, and workplace. 

  4. How to pray to get her out of your life.  

This book is designed to enable you to detect and discern when and where a Jezebel spirit is operating and to empower you to have victory over this spirit.  We have no need to fear Jezebel or any other evil spirit, for we have authority and power over them through the name and blood of Jesus, and the Word of God.

I have included information that will give you the important missing parts to evicting Jezebel out of your church, family, and workplace.

This book provides you with hope and clarity of who Jezebel is and how she can be taken charge of in a way that has not been taught before.

Get your copy today from Amazon. For your convenience, I have included a link here.

You can visit me or contact me at

Marie Moyers

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