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Taste And See

Many times in my life God has been good and merciful. He helped me through tough days with my family. When I look back over my life I see where God had helped me at the time i did not see his handy work but i can see it loud and clear now.

As i have said before my childhood was littered with meanness from other kids my age and older. For decisions that my father made that in the 60's were not lifestyle you lived out in the open.

Parents had negative reactions and their children carried those opinions to school and voiced them to me.

However I did not know any different, it had always been like this for me.

I did have some friends who didn't care what my parents did, but that was because they learned that from their parents.

So looking back on this life I had as a kid i see Gods hand there developing characteristics in me that He would use later on in my life. His hand was protecting me from it being even worse. I never got in trouble with the law, principle at school or anything.

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